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My car is very fast

This morning, I woke up almost an hour later than normal. Instead of having an hour and a half before leaving for work, I only had thirty-five minutes in which I was supposed to take a shower, make a lunch, eat breakfast, get dressed, do my hair and makeup, and gather my work stuff. I skipped the lunch making and makeup, and somehow made it out the door on time! As I was driving on the interstate on my way to work, I realized that I had forgotten something important. By the time I reached my office, I remembered what it was. I had forgotten to adjust my thermostat. I was about to be really angry when I realized that it did not matter whether or not I had adjusted my thermostat! I now have a smart thermostat, so I can adjust my thermostat from my phone. Immediately, I went into the app and adjusted my thermostat. Although I was not at home at the time, I know that almost immediately, my air conditioning turned off and did not turn back on until 4:45 this afternoon, when I turned it back on. This is my first time using the remote feature on my smart thermostat, and I could not be more satisfied with how it has turned out. I was initially worried about whether or not I would use the smart thermostat enough to make it worthwhile, but I think that even just the peace of mind is worth having it installed. Thank goodness for innovations in the HVAC industry!

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Living out in the desert

An acquaintance of mine told me some very interesting things about life in a neighboring country. I had known for a while that she and her family had spent several years in the country directly north of us, but I did not know anything about their life there. We got on the topic while helping a mutual friend move last week. The day was quite warm, and I made a flippant remark about how I could never live without air conditioning. She responded that she once was of the same opinion as I, but that whenever she lived abroad, she had to learn how to do without air conditioning. In that country, most homes do not have central air conditioning. Her family’s home did not have even a window air conditioning unit, or even ceiling fans in every room. She spoke of a few instances in which she went to bed at night at 11 PM, and the indoor temperature was 92 degrees! During the hot summer months, she would try not to cook at all, so they would not add any additional heat to the house. A few fast food restaurants nearby did have air conditioning, so if the budget permitted, they would go there a few times a week to give the kids a break in the air conditioning. After hearing her stories of being without air conditioning, I became much more appreciative for having air conditioning everywhere I go! I tend to take air conditioning for granted, but I will try my best not do so any longer.

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My body feels like a heater

My friends and family have been making fun of me for years due to my thrifty nature. They call me messy and a hoarder, just because I have trouble getting rid of things sometimes. I love finding a good deal, mostly at thrift stores and rummage sales, and I will hold onto my treasures until the day I die. You see, every time I try to get rid of something, I end up needing that exact item only a few months later. That’s how I wound up with a large collection of electric space heaters. I kept coming across electric heaters in good condition at garage sales and thrift stores, and every time I scooped them right up. I stashed all of my little heaters in my spare storage room, and figured there would be a day that I would need an alternate heat source to my gas powered furnace. Even though this sounds totally reasonable and intelligent to me, my family mocked me endlessly for collecting a “useless” bunch of heaters. I was victorious in the end, though, on the day that my central heating system quit working. Just like I figured, my furnace refused to turn on one random winter day. It was already chilly in the house when my family woke up, and guess what greeted them? It was me, carrying electric space heaters out of storage with a smile on my face, proudly plugging them in all throughout the house. My space heaters held us over until the HVAC company could make it out and repair the furnace.

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The kitchen is too hot

I shouldn’t complain, because I am a very lucky woman. I’ve been blessed with a partner who knows how to cook like a boss, and enjoys feeding me every single day. He’s always making gourmet meals and catering to my every request, and I couldn’t ever manage to feed myself as well as he does. The only thing is, all of his ambitious meals take so much time and energy that it affects our monthly energy bill. Not only do the appliances themselves such as the stove, the food processor, and the griddle require a lot of electricity, but we also heat up the entire house. You can feel the difference as you move through the house; as you approach the kitchen it feels like walking towards a wall of hot and humid air. The heat quickly dissipates, spreading throughout the entire floor and affecting the air quality throughout. I would estimate that the kitchen is easily 10 degrees warmer after every cooking session, and then the HVAC has to work overtime to compensate for the increased air temperature. I can hear the air conditioner kick into gear and soon it’s working at full steam, pumping cool and dry air through the whole house. I know that we wouldn’t have this sudden spike in AC usage and energy expenditure if we just ate more simple foods, but I don’t think that’s in the cards. I absolutely love my husband’s amazing meals, but I wish that we could enjoy good food without increasing our electricity bills every month.

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The security guard

I work as a security guard for this warehouse overnight. It’s a boring job but it doesn’t pay too bad. I just need to make sure the perimeter is secure and that no one is trying to break into the warehouse. There are a lot of valuable items inside the place so it must be protected. I work with another security guard and we take turns checking the perimeter and viewing the security monitors. The HVAC system usually works very well within the security office, but the warehouse itself can get a little bit overheated. This one night, the A/C quit working within the security room. We were really starting to get hot in the place. We called for HVAC emergency repair. Lucky for us, the HVAC tech could come out for this emergency within the hour. Of course we already talked to our boss about the emergency situation and that we were to have HVAC maintenance repair. We were really anticipating the arrival of the HVAC tech because we were really dying in there, and it wasn’t like we could just go home for the evening. The warehouse still needed to be watched 24/7. When the HVAC tech finally arrived, we were very happy to see the man. He was able to get the A/C fixed very quickly. I thought he must have been motivated from being tired because I think he wanted to get back home and go to sleep. He had the system fixed within 30 minutes. I certainly was impressed. We thanked the guy when everything was all set, and the bill would go to our boss.

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Let’s clean up a bit

I am an HVAC technician. I don’t think people give us enough credit for doing our jobs at times. We may not be doctors, but at times our job is just as vital to a doctor. Without our specific knowledge and care of our heating and cooling systems in the hospitals, we would be seeing a lot more spreading of disease widely. All hospitals have HVAC units installed, obviously. But, the temperature control through the thermostat is essential to the overall HVAC plan. They will install the Zone Control App and the Smart App right from the start of installing the system into their hospital. Every area of the hospital is programed to a different temperature through those apps in the thermostat. Also, the lead nurse manager on each floor will have the smart app programed on their manager cell phone to constantly monitor the temperatures and needs of her floor. Operating rooms must be nearly ice cold to protect the patient during surgery, as well protect germs from growing or spreading. But, you are not going to want to freeze out the patients on the patient floors either. So, those floors are programed to different temperatures. While those going into recovery after surgery still need the air conditioning areas, the nursing stations can be a bit warmer. It’s a constant juggling act for the safety of the patients and the visitors. So, don’t be surprised if someone mentions how important HVAC care is to the medical field. It has been an honor to work side by side such a prestigious profession.

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I’m fascinated by this

I live in a large beach town. I really love living here. I am definitely not a winter person. I can’t stand being cold. Whenever we go anywhere in the winter, I crank up the heat in the car. It drives my family crazy, but I just have no tolerance for being cold. So, I was very happy when my dad was stationed at the beach. We move so often for his duty of service. It is very hot and humid here. Everyone in the house is always complaining about needing the air conditioning on, but I just love it off when you can feel the heat. I go behind their backs all the time and turn the air conditioning unit off, if not just raise the thermostat up to a warmer temperature. I just don’t understand why they would want to live in an icebox. Last Spring, it looked as if we were going to be stationed here for our longest stay yet. I was excited to try and find some kind of job and not have to worry about moving again. The local HVAC company was offering internships to high school students. Apparently, you can work side by side with the HVAC technicians for three months and by your fourth month can find yourself doing basic service calls on air conditioners and heating units. The next two months are spent really learning about the HVAC systems and how to repair them in an emergency. I was quickly becoming fascinated by this world of heating and cooling. How cool to do a job that you love. I am really thankful these internship programs exist today.

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Portable heating equipment

It is late fall and winter is getting closer. I am determined to have a better winter than I did last year. I will never forget how miserable I was last year in the cold. I was so frustrated that my apartment building’s heater was not working properly. The landlord wouldn’t let us use any type of portable heating unit. We could only warm up with extra clothing and blankets.  It was the coldest I have ever been and the longest winter I felt I had to ever endure. This year I threatened the landlord with calling the housing authority if he didn’t fix the heating unit or at least allow us to have portable electric heaters. He knew there was no way he could afford to fix his old HVAC unit, so he agreed to the electric heaters. Now, it was just about trying to find one that was reasonably priced. Heaters were on sale every where you turned in the fall season. I had really looked at every home store I could think of. I priced out each heater. I made lists of why one heater was better than another heater. I even checked the voltage to assure enough heat to accommodate my apartment. Then, my local store had a sale on another type portable electric heater at a great price. My gut was telling me that I should pass and stick to my research. But, I couldn’t resist the low price. I picked up the heater later that day. I decided to hope for the best. I would soon find out if my heating choice worked well, as the weather was dropping fast!

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This is all great

I’m a pretty active individual, but I truly hate running. I can make myself go on small runs from time to time, but to be completely honest, I hate every second of it. I know that exercise is a necessary evil, but I’d rather that it wasn’t torturous, if it could be helped. That’s why my personal favorite way to expend some energy is via long walks. I can take my dog with me, enjoy the scenery, and work through whatever stresses are plaguing me. I will go on long hikes all year round, and get enjoyment from every season. The only thing that I struggle with is how to set my HVAC unit when I’m planning on being gone for a long period of time. I don’t want to waste energy by leaving the heat or air conditioning on if I’m not in the house. I hate knowing that I’m just throwing money away to condition the indoor air for no one. However, I know it’s no better to get home and turn the AC or furnace on full blast in order to rapidly make the air comfortable. It’s also extremely unpleasant to walk into a starkly hot or cold house after such a long and tiring workout, and I’d rather not wait for two hours before my home feels nice. That’s why I’m obsessed with my smart thermostat. Now I can adjust the air temperature at home while I’m still on my walk, and by the time I get home it feels fantastic inside. I don’t waste any time or energy, and I can take awesomely long walks.

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Where did my boyfriend go

My boyfriend and I have been attached at the hip ever since we first started seeing each other. The relationship immediately progressed into a rather serious one, and we both knew we had found someone special. Neither of us could believe we happened to find each other, and we enjoyed each other’s company so much that we rarely, if ever, spent any time apart. This trend has continued to this very day, and I would confidently state that we are each other’s best friends, without a doubt. That’s why it was so hard when he had to go on a two week long business trip last month. As if it wasn’t hard enough, our HVAC system decided that was the ideal time to fail on me. I woke up one morning to find that the house was freezing cold, as if we didn’t even own a heater. I went to the thermostat and modified several of the settings, but nothing changed; the furnace didn’t sound as if it was operating, no warm air came out of the air vents, and the thermostat didn’t register any changes. I am not a handy person, so I had no idea how to fix the central heating unit and quickly called out an HVAC company to resolve the issue. They charged me an arm and a leg for the service, and wouldn’t leave before receiving immediate payment. When my boyfriend returned home he was displeased, to say the least. Apparently the furnace only needed to be reset, and he could have easily done this if he had been home.