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Every person who has a budget, tries to save money in some way, shape or form. For those who don’t like saving, life can become a bit difficult in times of cash emergencies. I, however, like to find new ways to save here and there. Lately, I have found that doing little things can add up after a long period of time. For example, I have found several small ways to keep my energy costs down by taking care of my HVAC unit. I closely watched my fluctuations in costs for a few months and found a couple of ways to decrease the cost of running my heating and cooling throughout the year. First, I learned to seal off any air spaces that could allow heated or cooled air to escape my house. My heating and cooling systems were working harder to make up for the lost air through those spaces. I also get my HVAC system cleaned twice each year. This allows me ventilations to be free of gathered dust and air circulation to be more efficient. By having the air filters changed every other month, my indoor air quality improves and my ventilation system does not have to run so often.  The more efficient my HVAC system can be throughout the year, the more I save in energy costs. Anyone can save money by becoming more aware of their HVAC system and keeping track of their energy costs. Luckily, I have learned how to keep my HVAC system running at reasonable rates while staying comfortable in my own home.

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