This furnace doesn’t smell good

Working in a hotel can be very stressful. Most of the people who stay in the hotel I work at are just passing through town or are attending some event that is being locally held. I work at the front desk, so I manage all the bookings and deal with any customer requests and complaints. Although most people travel for leisure, they like to complain about more things than you can imagine. I have dealt with just about every complaint out there but the most common complaint happens to be about the HVAC systems in the rooms. Our hotel is not very new, so the HVAC units in each room often have glitches or are so outdated that they cannot register what the thermostat is set at. There have been a handful of times that people have checked out of their rooms because of the HVAC unit not working the way they want. Some people say it’s too hot and stuffy in their room while others say it’s so cold they can’t get comfortable. Whatever the issue, our maintenance department stays pretty busy with HVAC repairs. I try my best to keep our guests calm and comfortable, but when I am constantly getting the same complaints about the same HVAC issues, I can only put a smile on for so long. The owners should really just invest in a whole new HVAC system for the hotel. That way, I wouldn’t have to deal with the constant HVAC complaints and most of the guest issues would be taken care of.

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