Radon mitigation is important

There are quite a few sneaky things in life.  I recognize that Snape from Harry Potter was especially sneaky.  He typically showed up in locales where no one expected him. He typically kept everyone wondering if he was good or evil.  I think cream cheese is fairly sneaky in my opinion, just because it is in a ton of dishes, making everything better but way more fattening. I can’t taste it, but I definitely see it in my waistline after eating it.  Another sneaky thing is radon. Radon leaks into the  house without you realizing it. Radon has many natural defenses too. You can’t use any of your senses to detect this gas. It has no color, no taste and no odor to reveal it. How can you detect this gas in your residence? You need a specialized radon detector.  Radon is can be harmful in large amounts. Most people tend to believe that radon is in certain types of homes and that they are safe from it.  Unfortunately, radon can pop up in any type of home. Nobody is totally exempt from elevated radon levels. Also radon can find a way inside your home through the basement, or even in the water supply. The radon can originate from  rock or soil. The radon also can contaminate the water, and finally, radon can even infiltrate  your house via the air; So anywhere from the basement up to the attic could have this harmful gas. It is a challenge to detect and get rid of. You need to purchase a specialized testing kit and send away for the results. You would then need professional help to get rid of the radon.

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