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Every year, my favorite football team plays our biggest rival at a neutral site that just happens to be less than an hour from where I live. While I am not normally a huge fan of going to see football games in person, mainly because I like watching football at home in the air conditioning, this was a game that I wanted to see at some point in my life. My opportunity came last year, when one of my friends got two tickets from work, and invited me to go with her. I jumped at the chance. Tickets normally are several hundred dollars, and these were free! We planned as well as we could in the weeks leading up to the game. The day of the game dawned crisp and cool. This was unexpected. Normally, the weather was hot and humid for the game. Temperatures in the fifties for game time was unheard of! We even used out heater in the car on the way to the game. We managed to find a parking spot, get into the stadium, and find our seats in good time. As we settled in to watch the game, we noticed that the temperature had dropped considerably. By halftime, we were freezing. I wished desperately that we were back in my car with the heater blasting! To make things worse, our team lost miserably. We almost got shutout! As we headed back to the car, the only thing that comforted me was that at least the heater was waiting for us. My friend and I made a pact that we would never again watch a football game without climate control!

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