I should just clean this system

If I have one piece of advice to give you, it’s to not sit in the front row at church. When you do, the preacher sees you front and center, and also noticed how you react to the sermon. And if you do sit in the front row, then no matter what happens, no matter how boring the service is, do not fall asleep. I did that not too long ago, and fell asleep in church right in front of the preacher, and I’m still trying to live it down. To be fair, it wasn’t really my fault. The week before the central air conditioning system for the church had broken down, and the sanctuary was very hot, and that made me sleepy. Of course, when I fell asleep the preacher made sure everyone let me sleep, and also turned on the heating. The AC might have been broken, but the furnace was working just fine. So as everyone else filed out, he cranked up the heating to the max and started giving me a personal sermon about Revelations. I could not tell you what he said, but his firey words combined with the firey heat of the furnace gave me an awful nightmare. When I woke up I was covered with sweat, and he laughed at me and then turned the thermostat back up. The next week in service the entire sermon was about me, and my mistake, but at least the air conditioning system was back to working again, so the hellfire and brimstone was tempered with AC.

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