I love the radon industry

My wifey Kelly is definitely hypochondriac. Kelly always complains about various ailments and aches and panics.  She just knows that our home is not safe. Kelly makes an appointment with  the doctor’s office every month for something or other. She hires an HVAC contractor to check out our gas gas furnace and verify safe operation every month. She absolutely is nuts about the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. The gas furnace produces this gas when it creates heat and there is a small potential of it entering our breathing air.  Because of her fears, we are now on a first name basis with our HVAC technician.  Kelly recently went hunting online and came across the dangers of radon. Radon gas has been blamed for causing cancer.  It is a poisonous gas which becomes harmful at high levels. It is not as dangerous as carbon monoxide but shares similar properties.  Radon is also odorless, tasteless and impossible to see. Also radon can build up.  We could potentially become ill due to radon poisoning and not even realize it. So Kelly is freaking out about the slim chance of dying due to excessive amounts of radon in our home. To put her mind at ease I bought a radon detection kit.  I  set it up in the basement.  The  radon detection process is really easy. All I needed do was place the kit in the basement and activate it.  I left the test in place for a few days.  Then I sent it to a lab to  see if the radon levels were at risky level. I worried the lab would try to hard sell me radon removal equipment for the home. Instead,  I got the results back and was pleased to see that the radon levels in our home were well below dangerous levels.  We are totally safe from radon poisoning.  Now Kelly can move on to her next thing and get worried all over again.  

radon removal technology 

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