Battling the mildew

I have a message for all the people down south — quit complaining about how hot it is. We all get it, you guys are close to the Equator and run a little hotter than the rest of us. What’s the big deal? Being too hot is not a problem at all compared to being too cold. When it’s hot, you find some shade, or go swimming, or just lay very still and you will be fine. When it is freezing cold out, you have to work to survive. Being too hot won’t kill you, being too cold just might. So for everyone else, here are a few tips for keeping your heaters warm throughout the cold season. First of all, have multiple heating sources in your home, ones that use different power sources. Have a gas furnace? Then it’s a good idea to also have a furnace for burning wood, and a space heater run by electricity. This gives you many different heating options, no matter what your situation is, and options are good. Secondly, utilize good insulation to keep that heating trapped in a small space. Don’t use a heater for a whole house if you are only in one room, right? Close the doors and windows, pull the blinds and hang extra blankets over the windows as well, to keep the cold trapped outside and the heating trapped inside. Finally, don’t overlook classical forms of heating like utilizing body heat! Cuddle up with someone under some blankets, and maybe that will be all the heating that you need!

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