Working my way through the HVAC school

Just to be clear, I never wanted to be a clown. They are normal to me, so it’s not like I live with a bunch of people who look like they escaped from a horror movie. Clowns are usually awesome people, who love kids, telling jokes and having fun. Why else would you get into clowning? But I have no desire to spend my life attending kids’ birthday parties and taking pies to my face. I have higher aspirations.

As fate would have it, I’m obligated to work in my dad’s clown college for now. It’s the only way he will pay for the HVAC certification classes I need. Fortunately, teaching the finer points of grease paint and clown clothing does not require a lot of brainpower, which I need for the next test we have on heating systems. It turns, out HVAC systems are a lot more complicated than I thought. You need to understand some points of science and thermodynamics to really understand the HVAC business. The night instructor is very cool, and really knows her way around an air conditioner. She does teases me sometimes for coming to class with white paint on my neck. In a few more months I will be fully certified for HVAC systems repair, which will mean it’s time to leave the clowning behind and try to find an apprenticeship with a heating and cooling contractor. My dad won’t be happy, but he knows I want to be an AC repair man, not a clown.

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