This is quite the heater

Last summer I started working as adjunct Psych professor at this private college. I fell in love at once, it was a stone mansion a man built in the 1800’s for his wife and family. Architecture that rivaled Gothic cathedrals with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. So much of the building was original, and that is what I really loved about it. The stone work, light sconces inside and out lighting the corridors, and french doors to the library, and even some classrooms had their own doors leading to a balcony. Even the smallest, most cramped office had mountains views, I would have been happy in a broom closet provided it had a window. What was not so charming was the outdated HVAC system that heated the classrooms and offices in winter time to tropical temperatures. Summer time was a breeze, literally. I don’t know if the architecture allowed for any central air system, there certainly wasn’t any air conditioning in the building, but being placed up in the mountains it never got hot enough in the summer to need one. Open windows was more than enough. Winter was different. I think the furnace and radiators were original, or as original as possible, and completely wasteful. It was as if the thermostat was set at maximum, an 8am class in winter would get so hot we would be opening the windows for some relief. We could actually see steam spewing from the radiators, and the most dangerous seats were the ones closest to the radiators. Heaven forbid you lean back for a stretch, if you bumped the radiator you were getting burnt!

furnace tune-up 

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