I have been shocked lately

Every year our little town holds a community winter seasonal dance. This year the winter dance was benefiting children’s cancer. It sold out within hours of the tickets being available. I have been on the planning committee for years. It was the one thing I really enjoyed doing. We had everything set up perfectly and ready to go. I noticed it felt a little bit chilly in the hall. It was already snowing outside, but this seemed a little colder than usual. I went over to the thermostat to turn up the heat just a bit. I knew that once the room was filled with all of the guests, it would warm up pretty darn fast. So, I didn’t want to overdo it just then with the heating. I clicked on the heater and in an instant, I heard a huge screech. Luckily, not many people were there yet to hear it, but I was a bit concerned. Next thing I felt was bitterly cold air blasting through the air vents. Somehow the air conditioning had come on. It was so cold that now I was becoming really worried. I was turning the HVAC unit on and off, but nothing was happening. If anything, the air conditioning was getting stronger and stronger. As I began to panic, people started to arrive and notice the cold temperature. No one was happy. The local HVAC technician had just arrived as a guest and he knew right away there was a problem. He at least knew how to turn off the HVAC unit completely. Now that we had the cold air stopped, we figured we would be ok without any heating or cooling once people started to arrive and dance.

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