I have a lot to do with my heater

The innkeepers finally decided to update their HVAC system last season. As a ski resort our heating system is pretty important to us and our clients. Although our guests travel far and wide to spend hours in the cold and snow, they do enjoy the warmth a well working furnace provides. For the dining room they had a gas fireplace installed for warmth and ambience. Before this it was up to the radiators to warm the huge room, we had to turn the thermostat up early on in order to get the room to a decent temperature. It was costly and very wasteful as most of the hot air rose up to the second floor. I was particularly happy about the gas lit fireplace as it was my job to set the tables early on and I was always so cold, especially in the middle of winter. The dining room is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows that the cold pours through. We don’t use curtains as the windows come with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains that keep us in business. During my lunch break I will pull up a chair to the gas fire and get some studying done, that is part of the charm I so enjoy. The staff office is also now connected to the heating system and we don’t have to rely on the space heaters anymore! The computers and monitors did a somewhat decent job in warming the room, but when it got down to the negatives, especially the shifts when I was working until 3am, even the space heaters had a short radius of warmth.   

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