I crave this AC system

I really hate air conditioning. I hate the odd smell of A/C. Perhaps I have only smelled dirty and stinky air conditioning. But I know that I get sick when air conditioning is on. Also I really don’t like to be cold. I would way rather be overheated. So air conditioning is never something I enjoy. I usually complain about the cooling or I try to locate the thermostat to turn it off. Both my brothers live down south and own air conditioning systems. Everytime I visit them I am upset about the AC. My younger brother has his apartment so cold that I basically dress for Winter. My oldest brother gets me adjusting his climate control when he is not looking. I live up north, so I am not used to AC. My area is all about heating. I am planning to move one day down south though. Will my ideas on cooling change? I wonder if I am in a traditionally hot climate for a long time, will I come to crave AC? It does not seem likely since I hate it, but you never know. I have lived in the north my whole life being cold. So I have no issues cranking up a heater device when necessary. The hotter a home, the better. Maybe my body temperature will reverse in the south and I will feel the same about air conditioning. My brothers certainly have changed a lot. I never would have thought that they would crank AC all day long, everyday. Maybe that is in my future.

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