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My home needs a better HVAC system

Before I became a restaurant owner, I managed a local steakhouse for four years. I got a lot of good experience during that time, and I think that’s why my restaurant has been so successful. As a manager, I learned about all of the small things that most people don’t consider when opening a restaurant. One of the main concerns that I always had had to do with the HVAC system in the building. I know that this sounds a little bit petty, but lots of customer interaction and taught me that the perfect cooling system and good ventilation made for a good dining experience. The dining area at the restaurant I manage was right next to the kitchen, so if my ventilation system had not been able to remove the smoke from the air, it would have drifted into the dining room. How could anyone enjoy their meal with smoking their face? Aside from that, the cooling system is important because it keeps the entire building at the perfect temperature. As a manager, my HVAC system stopped working a couple of times, and business always dwindled when that happened. I didn’t blame our customers. I can’t imagine how anyone could justify spending money on an evening out just to feel overheated all evening. Now that I own a restaurant, I make sure to do routine inspections on my HVAC unit, and I always keep the air filter changed. If there’s ever a problem, I don’t hesitate to call an HVAC technician, and that’s what keeps things running smoothly for me!

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Battling the mildew

I have a message for all the people down south — quit complaining about how hot it is. We all get it, you guys are close to the Equator and run a little hotter than the rest of us. What’s the big deal? Being too hot is not a problem at all compared to being too cold. When it’s hot, you find some shade, or go swimming, or just lay very still and you will be fine. When it is freezing cold out, you have to work to survive. Being too hot won’t kill you, being too cold just might. So for everyone else, here are a few tips for keeping your heaters warm throughout the cold season. First of all, have multiple heating sources in your home, ones that use different power sources. Have a gas furnace? Then it’s a good idea to also have a furnace for burning wood, and a space heater run by electricity. This gives you many different heating options, no matter what your situation is, and options are good. Secondly, utilize good insulation to keep that heating trapped in a small space. Don’t use a heater for a whole house if you are only in one room, right? Close the doors and windows, pull the blinds and hang extra blankets over the windows as well, to keep the cold trapped outside and the heating trapped inside. Finally, don’t overlook classical forms of heating like utilizing body heat! Cuddle up with someone under some blankets, and maybe that will be all the heating that you need!

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I should just clean this system

If I have one piece of advice to give you, it’s to not sit in the front row at church. When you do, the preacher sees you front and center, and also noticed how you react to the sermon. And if you do sit in the front row, then no matter what happens, no matter how boring the service is, do not fall asleep. I did that not too long ago, and fell asleep in church right in front of the preacher, and I’m still trying to live it down. To be fair, it wasn’t really my fault. The week before the central air conditioning system for the church had broken down, and the sanctuary was very hot, and that made me sleepy. Of course, when I fell asleep the preacher made sure everyone let me sleep, and also turned on the heating. The AC might have been broken, but the furnace was working just fine. So as everyone else filed out, he cranked up the heating to the max and started giving me a personal sermon about Revelations. I could not tell you what he said, but his firey words combined with the firey heat of the furnace gave me an awful nightmare. When I woke up I was covered with sweat, and he laughed at me and then turned the thermostat back up. The next week in service the entire sermon was about me, and my mistake, but at least the air conditioning system was back to working again, so the hellfire and brimstone was tempered with AC.

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This furnace doesn’t smell good

Working in a hotel can be very stressful. Most of the people who stay in the hotel I work at are just passing through town or are attending some event that is being locally held. I work at the front desk, so I manage all the bookings and deal with any customer requests and complaints. Although most people travel for leisure, they like to complain about more things than you can imagine. I have dealt with just about every complaint out there but the most common complaint happens to be about the HVAC systems in the rooms. Our hotel is not very new, so the HVAC units in each room often have glitches or are so outdated that they cannot register what the thermostat is set at. There have been a handful of times that people have checked out of their rooms because of the HVAC unit not working the way they want. Some people say it’s too hot and stuffy in their room while others say it’s so cold they can’t get comfortable. Whatever the issue, our maintenance department stays pretty busy with HVAC repairs. I try my best to keep our guests calm and comfortable, but when I am constantly getting the same complaints about the same HVAC issues, I can only put a smile on for so long. The owners should really just invest in a whole new HVAC system for the hotel. That way, I wouldn’t have to deal with the constant HVAC complaints and most of the guest issues would be taken care of.

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What I can rely on

Every person who has a budget, tries to save money in some way, shape or form. For those who don’t like saving, life can become a bit difficult in times of cash emergencies. I, however, like to find new ways to save here and there. Lately, I have found that doing little things can add up after a long period of time. For example, I have found several small ways to keep my energy costs down by taking care of my HVAC unit. I closely watched my fluctuations in costs for a few months and found a couple of ways to decrease the cost of running my heating and cooling throughout the year. First, I learned to seal off any air spaces that could allow heated or cooled air to escape my house. My heating and cooling systems were working harder to make up for the lost air through those spaces. I also get my HVAC system cleaned twice each year. This allows me ventilations to be free of gathered dust and air circulation to be more efficient. By having the air filters changed every other month, my indoor air quality improves and my ventilation system does not have to run so often.  The more efficient my HVAC system can be throughout the year, the more I save in energy costs. Anyone can save money by becoming more aware of their HVAC system and keeping track of their energy costs. Luckily, I have learned how to keep my HVAC system running at reasonable rates while staying comfortable in my own home.

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My dad’s retirement party

Next week, my dad will retire. He is 78, so he was definitely due for a break from work! For fifty-three years, he has worked at the same HVAC company from 7 AM until 4 PM, Monday to Friday. He has never called in sick during those fifty-three years, and he only took one week of vacation per year. I do not remember a time that he was not working at that HVAC company, and I do not know if anyone at that HVAC company remembers a time when he was not working there! He started out as an HVAC maintenance provider. He would go out and change air filters, clean ductwork, and replace thermostats. Over the years, he moved to several different positions. For most of my childhood, he supervised the HVAC repair department. I remember him telling all sorts of stories at the dinner table about animals hiding in ductwork, someone trying to sue the company over dead batteries in a thermostat, and all sorts of things! Now, he works in the office, training new employees. The HVAC company is going to be lost without him. They are planning a huge retirement party for him at his favorite restaurant, and I am pretty sure that there will be tears all around! He retired for health reasons, and while I am very happy for him, I am worried that he will not know what to do with himself! Working with HVAC systems has been his life for so long. Now, he will have to find something else to occupy his time. Perhaps I shall try to interest him in golf!

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I’d love to feel safe

All of us used to worry about our buildings as well as other companies. Since there was one person who handle all of our heating as well as cooling systems, it seem to be that most people could not be found to be perfect. It often happened that people would forget to turn off the lights when they left the building, or people would forget to turn off the heating as well as air conditioning system. All of us found that there was much energy being wasted in our building, as well as that was turning into very high energy usage cost. All of us started to look for a type of building with a commercial automation system. This type of building automation method is set up in a lot of commercial buildings like schools, colleges, as well as churches. All of the technology components are run throughout one automation system. The building even has control over the heating as well as air conditioning program. Even the lights happen to be set on timers, which really allows for a lot of money to be saved over time. It was expensive to invest in this building automation service, but it has managed to save all of us quite a ton of money. All of us, in our monthly energy allowances. This type of building automation system has no negative effects on our environment also, which is rather appealing. I feel like none of our services are being wasted, ever since we had the building automation method set up. Since there is no human for getting. There is hardly any error.

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I love the radon industry

My wifey Kelly is definitely hypochondriac. Kelly always complains about various ailments and aches and panics.  She just knows that our home is not safe. Kelly makes an appointment with  the doctor’s office every month for something or other. She hires an HVAC contractor to check out our gas gas furnace and verify safe operation every month. She absolutely is nuts about the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. The gas furnace produces this gas when it creates heat and there is a small potential of it entering our breathing air.  Because of her fears, we are now on a first name basis with our HVAC technician.  Kelly recently went hunting online and came across the dangers of radon. Radon gas has been blamed for causing cancer.  It is a poisonous gas which becomes harmful at high levels. It is not as dangerous as carbon monoxide but shares similar properties.  Radon is also odorless, tasteless and impossible to see. Also radon can build up.  We could potentially become ill due to radon poisoning and not even realize it. So Kelly is freaking out about the slim chance of dying due to excessive amounts of radon in our home. To put her mind at ease I bought a radon detection kit.  I  set it up in the basement.  The  radon detection process is really easy. All I needed do was place the kit in the basement and activate it.  I left the test in place for a few days.  Then I sent it to a lab to  see if the radon levels were at risky level. I worried the lab would try to hard sell me radon removal equipment for the home. Instead,  I got the results back and was pleased to see that the radon levels in our home were well below dangerous levels.  We are totally safe from radon poisoning.  Now Kelly can move on to her next thing and get worried all over again.  

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Radon mitigation is important

There are quite a few sneaky things in life.  I recognize that Snape from Harry Potter was especially sneaky.  He typically showed up in locales where no one expected him. He typically kept everyone wondering if he was good or evil.  I think cream cheese is fairly sneaky in my opinion, just because it is in a ton of dishes, making everything better but way more fattening. I can’t taste it, but I definitely see it in my waistline after eating it.  Another sneaky thing is radon. Radon leaks into the  house without you realizing it. Radon has many natural defenses too. You can’t use any of your senses to detect this gas. It has no color, no taste and no odor to reveal it. How can you detect this gas in your residence? You need a specialized radon detector.  Radon is can be harmful in large amounts. Most people tend to believe that radon is in certain types of homes and that they are safe from it.  Unfortunately, radon can pop up in any type of home. Nobody is totally exempt from elevated radon levels. Also radon can find a way inside your home through the basement, or even in the water supply. The radon can originate from  rock or soil. The radon also can contaminate the water, and finally, radon can even infiltrate  your house via the air; So anywhere from the basement up to the attic could have this harmful gas. It is a challenge to detect and get rid of. You need to purchase a specialized testing kit and send away for the results. You would then need professional help to get rid of the radon.

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I’m coming up with some things

Every year, my favorite football team plays our biggest rival at a neutral site that just happens to be less than an hour from where I live. While I am not normally a huge fan of going to see football games in person, mainly because I like watching football at home in the air conditioning, this was a game that I wanted to see at some point in my life. My opportunity came last year, when one of my friends got two tickets from work, and invited me to go with her. I jumped at the chance. Tickets normally are several hundred dollars, and these were free! We planned as well as we could in the weeks leading up to the game. The day of the game dawned crisp and cool. This was unexpected. Normally, the weather was hot and humid for the game. Temperatures in the fifties for game time was unheard of! We even used out heater in the car on the way to the game. We managed to find a parking spot, get into the stadium, and find our seats in good time. As we settled in to watch the game, we noticed that the temperature had dropped considerably. By halftime, we were freezing. I wished desperately that we were back in my car with the heater blasting! To make things worse, our team lost miserably. We almost got shutout! As we headed back to the car, the only thing that comforted me was that at least the heater was waiting for us. My friend and I made a pact that we would never again watch a football game without climate control!

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