Browse Month: October 2017

Utility bills

Honestly, if someone told me the complete cost that one child, not to mention five, would be at the conclusion of childhood, I think I would have reconsidered the whole thing! My kids eat me out of house and home weekly, but as they are getting older and more in command of their own preferences, I’ve found our utility bills fly through the roof! I have never met five differently tempered people in my life! One is usually sweating, another is always shivering. The others can’t figure out what they are, so they just play ping pong with the thermostat routinely. When my last electric bill came this month, it had been so high, I thought my husband was going to burst! He told me that I needed to do something about this really soon. So, I called the HVAC technician out before the regular system and maintenance appointment and check our biggest problems. Short of putting a lock over the thermostat, I didn’t know what he could really do for us. Boy, was I surprised! First off, the most essential thing was installation of this Smart App on my smartphone as well as the thermostat. It was going to now monitor the monthly usage and I could actually turn the HVAC unit hotter or cooler at any point from my phone, in the event the kids have changed the settings while I wasn’t looking. This was going to be really key for saving us money, for everyone has already established free reign over the thermostat while I am not home or paying attention. I can’t wait to find if it works!

I miserable on my trip

I was so excited to be on my honeymoon. I was one of those people who spent my entire childhood dreaming of the day I got married and what my honeymoon was going to be like. When I met my husband, it was as if our fairytale was all coming together jointly. Our wedding was everything I dreamed it would be, with all of my friends and family around us. Then came our honeymoon on Hawaii! We live on the East Coast, so it has been too far and expensive to make this trip before. But, this was an important occasion and my husband was all in with the idea. We figured that he and I had to go all out, since we were going the distance. We decided to rent this little cottage on the beach where it may be private and very relaxed. We knew we were walking straight into tropical weather, but not totally certain of what that meant in terms of temperatures and heat. Well, we learned so fast! It was so much more humid than we ever considered it would be, making the sticky heat and additionally the temperatures unbearable. There were ceiling fans around our house, but no air conditioner. It didn’t occur us to ask for one in the reservation. We heard Hawaii was pretty mellow. We knew we were planning to be miserable for our overall trip if we didn’t obtain a solution to cool all the way down. My husband called the landlord to ask about our options. He told us there is a portable electric box air conditioner within the storage closet, but we would have to pay the extra cooling costs. We decided to just use it at end of day, so we could get a few hours of sleep. It ended up costing us a whole lot of extra money.

temperature control unit 

I can’t eliminate the problems

I have read a lot of articles recently about how stressful making too many decisions a morning can be for anyone! The article provided the example of simply eliminating how many clothes that you have. Then, pair those items of clothing down into foolproof outfits and cycle through those, rather than stressing over which accessories or shoes to wear with each outfit; While I prefer having an expansive wardrobe and would not dream of depriving myself of the fun of coming up with outfits, the article got myself and others to guess about things that I could eliminate, I was excited. The first thing that I thought of was increasing our thermostat.  I am constantly worrying daily about whether or not I remembered to adjust our thermostat when I leave for work, or whether or not I adjusted our thermostat when I got into bed at the end of the day. I have heard of smart thermostats that you can control with an app on your phone, but I have also heard that smart thermostats can be programmed to automatically adjust based on particular times or even your preferences over time! I guess I am going to do some more research now into these new smart thermostats, however that would be something self-explanatory that I could do to eliminate some decisions. I have heard that smart thermostats also can calculate how much energy you are using, so that you can ensure that you are not spending too much on running your air conditioning system or heating all day long. With that change, I guess that I will legitimately be able to make fewer decisions and be less stressed in our weekly life. Here’s hoping!

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It’s a little warm in here

When my wife and I moved into our dream home last month, we took extra care before closing on the beach house to make sure that all of the appliances were in fantastic working condition! Then I had someone look at everything else in the house, from the oven to the dishwasher to the electrical wiring to the toilets to the doors. I wanted everything to be perfect for my wife. The beach house acquired a disinfect bill of health, so we closed last week; Just a few mornings ago, I went to adjust the thermostat because the beach house was getting a little warm for my taste, but nothing happened. The thermostat showed the new setting I put it on, but the air conditioner would not turn on! I tried resetting the thermostat, still nothing happened. I was a little upset, then of course, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C would have to break after we closed on the house! I told my spouse, then called a friend of ours, who has an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business. Thankfully, he was able to send over a coworkers to look at our unit and sure enough, there were a multitude of issues with our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system. The guy stated that it was possible that the many concerns existed before closing on the house, but there was no way to be sure that our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C concerns were the fault of the previous owner at the time. We really had no choice but to pay for the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repairs. Thankfully, they were not too fancy, but now I believe that I do not trust the house, if that makes sense. If the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C died a few mornings ago, what is keeping the oven from dying tomorrow? Suddenly, my dream home feels enjoy it could turn into a nightmare at any moment.

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I just want to have fun

My friends and I have been craving tacos for  several afternoons! This week was our morning off classes, and we all made the choice to go to the store and buy some tacos right then. We chose to go for supper, and there was multiple people on board. We got a table at our local taco establishment, and ordered from their new menu. We got a variety of foods including chimichangas, enchiladas, and a variety of hard and soft tacos. We got a couple of weird sides, while I prefer rice and beans, and sat down to eat our food. The Heating as well as A/C idea was making weird noises as we walked in, but it did not bother us until the air conditioning system stopped finally working completely. It got really hot in the building, and the air vents were no longer blowing frigid air down upon us, just hot air. I walked over to the counter to inquire about the terrible indoor air conditions. The manager at the counter notified the main employer, who came over to talk with us at our table! He apologized over and over for the air conditioning system concerns, and told us that they were finally working on the issue at that very moment. The employer offered us free desserts for the indoor atmosphere concerns. In just a few hours, I could feel frigid air emitting from the air vents once again. Whatever the complication the air conditioning system had been experiencing, it didn’t take really long to repair the issue at the time, thankfully. We all enjoyed our tacos and beans, and spent the next hour hanging out and catching up.  When every one of us were all getting ready to leave the restaurant, the employer walked over to us all and apologized again for the air conditioning system complications.

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Comfortable rooms

My mom and dad had been working a lot of overtime not too long ago, so the two of them went away for the weekend. I offered to stay with our three younger siblings for the complete weekend, and I made plans for them too. I rented a cabin on the side of their favorite lake, along with packing up their vehicle with supplies. I packed enough snacks and drinks for the weekend, and they left subsequent to work on Friday. We all got finished working a couple of hours early, so they could arrive to the destination before it got overly late. The cabin was warm and charming, and big enough for their needs. There was one bedroom, but it was beautifully adorned with native american fabrics and household goods my mom liked. The bedroom had a small to medium sized window A/C unit, which also had the ability to heat the room. The living area had no central air conditioning, but there was a open fireplace to speak of. Since it was the middle of the spring season, I didn’t think they may need the fireplace at most. When they started unpacking the items, and turned on the A/C unit to cool the place down, it was nice. It was only several minutes later, it was feeling freezing cold. The A/C unit worked effectively, and they needed to modify the settings to low. When my parents got ready to go to bed later in the evening, they had to switch the A/C system off thoroughly. It was very comfortable with the room, and fell asleep rather quickly.

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A thriving business

I happen to work in the field of SEO marketing for small businesses. One of my own biggest projects, is helping websites get better ranking in the several search engines. It can be a difficult task at times because most web businesses really don’t know much about social media today. Most business owners have almost no knowledge of internet marketing at the same time, which can be tough every so often. It’s my job to make sure that our clients are found via the internet, and that their websites are always accessible. My last job was working at a website for an AIR CONDITIONING company in town. The owner of the HVAC company was a tad older than my other clients, and he didn’t have much knowledge via the internet at all. The owner with the HVAC company didn’t even contain a smartphone for himself. I spent a few hours looking to explain internet marketing to this HVAC owner, but he barely understood a tiny part of what I was talking about. I needed to help this particular owner, because he was trying to boost his sales. He wanted a thriving business to allow his two sons to run. He was going to be retiring from the AIR CONDITIONING business, and his internet sales were less than average. He seemed genuinely excited about internet marketing, and he hung on every word we spoke. Even if the HEATING AND COOLING owner didn’t understand everything, he was excited to get going when we finished. I finished the website 2 or 3 days ago last week, and it looks awesome. I put a message board up, and helped to add more helpful information on the front page. I do believe the changes will increase his business with the first month.

Managing my fun

My grandma and I travel a lot together; this time in order to see a cousin graduate from college. My cousin had always been like another grandson to my own grandma, so it was important for us to be at the ceremony. It was an extensive drive, and we stayed at a hotel for a few days. The graduation service was scheduled for the Saturday night, and the outdoor temperature was said to be very humid and warm. I was surprised to see on graduation invitation that the service was outdoors, especially as a result of the current weather. The ceremony was being held in a small southern city, and there was a great deal of heat and humidity all year. My grandma and I arrived about thirty minutes before the ceremony was even to start. We wanted to make certain that we would get good seats available to us, so that we could observe everything well. The graduation exercises occurred outside, and we really were bummed not having an HVAC system. We were worrying about the HVAC system to keep everyone cool, a lot of citizens were overheated and miserable. People everywhere around us were complaining concerning exercises being held outside. I was feeling quite warm myself, but I kept thinking about the hotel HVAC system. When the graduation ceremony was completed, we finally would be going back to our hotel. The hotel was set up with a wonderful HVAC system, and we had our thermostat set for 68 degrees. By the time that the final person received their diploma, we were both so anxious about returning to the hotel and it’s perfectly cool HVAC system. We still managed to have a dash of fun.

cooling system 

Fixing the air conditioner

An isolated farm in the middle of a seemingly endless sea of cornfields may sound great to some, but not to me. I must say, as a teenager it was something like being in jail, but even worse than jail, because even if I got out there was no location to go! Without a truck, it was a twelve hour walk to the closest town. I spent several years being lonely. When I finally made the choice to leave, I never looked back. The best thing about living out there was that I was able to learn an essential skill. With all my free time, I learned a lot by repairing old in addition to broken cooling system units. I had acquired a trade that is still putting food on my table every week. I had idea at the time, I was just doing it for something to pass the time. Being a Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C maintenance serviceman makes pretty fantastic pay, in addition to having what they call job security. No matter where you go in this country, people have cooling systems in addition to have no idea how to maintenance them! Getting a broken AC machine up in addition to working again is a major commodity, so finding a job doing it is never going to be very difficult. I was working full time for a local Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C corporation before I finished high school. I actually never needed university after that. I did take a few courses to get my official Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C certification, which you legitimately need to have for your career, but it was all that hands on training with the old junky cooling systems around the farm that made me who I am these days.

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I need a cleaner air conditioner

I’ve never heard a fantastic story that started at a salad bar, but I’ve heard plenty of fantastic stories that started at real bars. I can actually tell you a good story right now. It all happened just last weekend at our preferred evening spot, however they had a live band playing country classics. This happens every Friday evening and they were awful, just like every Friday evening. The place was rather packed, more so than usual, which was great for the owner but not so nice for me. I preferred it when the place was slow, so I would get better service, but on this evening it was a real scorcher out and this place was known to have great AC! Well, normally it did, but on this evening I felt it right away when the air vents stopped providing cool air. It took a few minutes for the bar to start to heat up, but all those bodies packed in there started heating it up abruptly. I was hanging at the bar, which is close to the central A/C unit, so I felt it right away when the Heating as well as A/C component turned off. The band kept playing, but the shutdown of the A/C put a stop to all the dancing straight away. Within a few minutes, the place started to clear out, as people went off in search of better cooling for their Friday night. I spent about an hour being uncomfortably warm, but then the owner came in to check the central A/C equipment. He changed out the filters and had everything working again fairly quickly.

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