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I love mild weather

The typical summer where I live has tremendously hot temperatures! As much as I can, I try to avoid going out during the hot times of the day. And I will crank up my air conditioner just to be able to be comfortable. In the summer months, I do inside projects where it’s nice and cool. But this summer was truly different! The temperatures outside had been so mild, and there were even days where the temperature never reached 70! It has been so nice. And with the mild temperatures, I didn’t even need to run my home’s air conditioner – and opened the windows for the first summer that I can ever remember.  The summer air wasn’t stuffy either, so the fresh air that came in was wonderful. It was great to not use my air conditioner, and my utility bills were a lot lower. I got my indoor projects done, even though I did want to be out in the mild weather. Unfortunately, I had waited all year to do certain projects, fully expecting that the summer would be hot – as always. So I got the inside projects done with with the windows wide open. And there were some afternoons that the temperature cool  enough that I could ride my bicycle. It was really great to exercise outdoors during the summertime. I would love having more summers with mild temperatures like the ones that we experienced this summer.

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The important things in my life

I am famous for being forgetful, even though I’ve tried to find ways to remember things.  I tried keeping date books with important dates marked. My friends hate when I miss their special days. I used the date book for a few weeks, ultimately I did not keep up with it. I even tried putting dates in my phone calendar  – to no avail. So when I forgot to schedule my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C inspection in September, I didn’t realize that I had forgotten until my system stopped working the day after Thanksgiving. My family was at my home for Thanksgiving weekend, which included my parents and two siblings. They shouldn’t have had to deal with a broken oil furnace, but it was because of my forgetfulness – and I felt so bad. My mom is always telling me that I need to meet with a professional organizer, hoping that they could steer me in the right direction to keep organized in the things that are important in my life. My Mom was able to get  an HVAC serviceman over to my home quite quickly, despite the holiday weekend. I was very pleased, although I should have been the one to take the lead in setting up the appointment. And although I wish my family didn’t have to go through this mess, I was happy that I had my family there at home with me. It would have been much more upsetting to have been home alone without an oil furnace.

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Sealing our home

Since the pipes of an HVAC duct system are hidden in the walls, ceilings and crawlspaces of a home, it’s easy to forget that they’re there. They’re also difficult to access as a result of their location. But the ductwork is what’s responsible for the quality of the heated and cooled air that a family breathes on a daily basis.  Several times a day, air travels through the ducts,  affecting the comfort and air quality in the home. If neglected, the ducts will likely conceal undesirable contaminants as well as allowing a fair amount of energy to escape.  If the ductwork accumulates debris, corrodes or leaks, the result can be unexpected problems and/or  major expenses.  When the flow of air is interrupted, the desired temperature settings require the oil furnace and air conditioner to work harder, run longer, wear out faster, and consume more energy. Overall utility bills will steadily rise, comfort levels will drop, and more frequent repairs to the HVAC system will occur.  When a buildup of dust, dander, decomposing rodents, mold, and mildew happens, harmful spores and bacteria are spread through the home each time the system starts up. The family members inhale these contaminants, creating a severe health risks such as aggravated symptoms of allergies and asthma.  It is highly advisable to have an HVAC professional service and clean the duct network every three to five years.  Finally, when you keep your home’s ductwork in good condition, you’ll save money, avoid problems, and enjoy a heating/cooling system that is safe and efficient.

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Major delays in our project

When my fiancé and I decided to build a house from the ground up, we knew that temperature control was a priority.  The heating and cooling system would impact our comfort, budget, safety, and health.  Knowing nothing about selecting or installing a heating and cooling system, we consulted with a Heating, Ventilating, and A/C representative.  We relied on the company to help us determine the model and the design of the system.  After determining that we wanted central air conditioning and a forced air gas furnace, we then needed to determine the layout of the ductwork.  Because the ductwork takes up a tremendous area in the walls, ceilings, basement, and crawl spaces, we were told the added importance of a minimum of sharp bends in the ducts. Sharp bends can impede airflow, as well as leading to an accumulation of contaminants. The supply vents connect the ductwork to all of the rooms, and therefore need to be located in such a way to ensure maximum comfort.  We also agreed that we didn’t want our heated air rising to the ceiling, leaving the lower portions of the rooms feeling cold.  Finally, even the location of the control units is vital to comfort, convenience and energy efficiency.  We’ve been very happy with the installation process, as well as the end result.  The Heating, Ventilating and A/C people worked in partnership with the general contractor, plumber and electrician so that there were no major delays.  We are very happy with the aesthetics and the evenly distributed temperatures of the heating and cooling system.  The system operates quietly, while maintaining comfort in every room, with very affordable utility costs as well.  

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Chartering the bus

Last June, I volunteered to chaperone our daughter Shannon’s field trip. Her third grade class had finished a fundraiser, so, as a reward, they got to visit a local math museum.  Although I’m not a large fan of this museum, I figured this was a keen opportunity to spend time with my daughter.

I assumed we’d take a charter bus with air conditioning, soft seats and a bathroom, but, at the school, I discovered we’d be riding on a school bus for nearly two hours!  The bus had no air conditioner, the seats were firm and uncomfortable, and the windows barely opened a few inches. The bus was repulsively overheated, it bounced like a train car, and by the time we arrived, I was sick. I had a headache, so I couldn’t wait to get inside the air-conditioned museum, but when we went in, I saw a sign apologizing for their broken cooling system! The museum was as bad as the bus. Because the girls were overheated, they kept drinking from the water fountains, so they needed to pee. I spent the day, covered in sweat, studying boring exhibits, and escorting third-graders to the lavatory!  

On the way back to school, on that hot, humid bus, several students got sick. We had to pull over so they could throw up on the side of the road! The whole experience was abhorrent. I just wanted to get home to our air-conditioned house. I will never volunteer to chaperone again.

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This felt like an eternity

I love my husband to death, and I try to support him in everything he does. This is usually easy, because I’m interested in the things he does, and I don’t like to be apart from him. So, cheering him on, wherever he’s performing, is normally a breeze.

However, there is one place where this could be challenging — the location where he often performs his solo pieces. It has no air conditioning. We live in a hot, steamy environment, where the weather is often unbearable. Every moment without it seems like an eternity! You absolutely have to have an air conditioner, and it should be ready to go. Every time he plays this location is hotter than the last. There’s also no ventilation; the air is heavy with humidity. Before the instruments are even set up, we are drenched through our shirts! After sound check, the performance lights make it even hotter! If you’re lucky enough to kneel by the single box fan they have, you have the best seat in the house.

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The newest technology

When should you repair or replace your HVAC system? No one tells you how expensive a new one is, and a new furnace and air conditioner is a large investment. This isn’t something you can just get at a department store, like a washing machine! You have to pick the system you want, choose the style and a size. There are different sizes, styles and brands for each heater and air conditioner. Then, you have to choose a company to install and maintain it. When the unit won’t turn on, or quickly turns off, it’s a bad morning!

My philosophy is, when in doubt, try to repair it. Most of the time, it’s cheaper, and there are added costs when you have to start from scratch. However, if your HVAC is over 10 years old, it is basically done. Most units don’t live longer than that. If you need it repaired every week, then it’s not worth saving. Sometimes you have to know when to throw in the towel. If it’s too much of a burden, pitch it and get a new one!

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Our cooling unit works great

My sister, Emma, just got married! So, she asked me, along with some others, to play songs at the ceremony and reception. I had to come up with my own lyrics and melody, and bring my own equipment, but since she’s my sister, I did this.

Writing and playing this song wasn’t too bad, even though I don’t like crowds. What was awful was that there was no air conditioning at the ceremony. We were packed in this small church for over an hour, and the lack of cooling, along with body heat, made it a sizzling box! I was wearing a suit. Playing guitar and singing while covered in sweat to death was no fun!  I hoped that after suffering through the ceremony, I would be rewarded later, but then we went outside to take pictures, and it was 79 degrees! The suns was sizzling – no shade, and of course, no air conditioning, so again, I sweated buckets, in the sunshine, and lugging our gear to the reception.  

Did the reception site have quality central air conditioning, with air ducts? No! Again, my sister crammed her entire celebration into the smallest room she could find. I could not even drink my overheated sorrows away! Even a fan would have been OK. That day was awful!

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Coming out of high school

Cutting and painting nails is not all everyone’s dream job, per se. However, since early childhood I have consistently wanted to become a nail artist. I found it artistic as well as fashionable – the perfect combo! Or so I thought, at least. Never did I expect to end up happier as an HVAC technician. Straight out of high school I went to cosmetology school to learn how to be a beautician. Then, once I had earned the license, I was hired promptly at the local nail salon. I loved working at the salon, making new friends that were also interested in the same things as me. Talking with clients about their lives was another perk in my opinion, as I am quite a talkative guy. One afternoon at work, I noticed how cold it was getting in the salon. I went to the back of the salon and realized that the furnace had broken down. I took it apart, found the problem, and quickly put it back together. Somehow, it worked like a charm! When our coworkers asked how I knew what to do I explained our thought process and how I had arrived at the solution. They were all legitimately confused. A few months later, the salon closed down. It was heartbreaking. One of our friends knew of an HVAC company that was desperately looking for more workers and recommended that I work there until I could find another nail painting position. I hesitantly agreed but to my surprise, I absolutely loved working as an HVAC worker. Each and every air conditioner, temperature control, and furnace is yet another puzzle I get to solve. Though it has nothing to do with cosmetology, I am glad I have the job that I do today in the HVAC industry.

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The first night in my home

Buying a new condo is one of the most glorious, yet stressful, events in a person’s life. It must be the right price, in the right location, and possess the features one most desires! The process of looking at numerous potential homes is tiring. Still, it is fun to see the potential in every abode. My first condo was absolutely a starter home. It had one small bathroom with just two bedrooms so it was quite a small building. Also it did not have numerous comfort features found in newer condos such as an HVAC system. Two days ago I moved into my brand new home, which is much bigger and more modern. It not only has an HVAC system, it has a mobile temperature control as well! However, at first the HVAC program was not all it was cracked up to be. The first night in my cabin was legitimately cold, so I turned up the gas furnace! By the time I went to bed the condo was sizzling and cozy. Later in the night, I woke up dripping with sweat and realized the temperature was extremely high. I turned down the temperature control and went back to bed. A few hours later I woke up yet again in a pool of sweat. This time the temperatures were unbearable! I called my HVAC contractor and they sent someone immediately. After the specialist repaired my furnace, I have not had any further complications. The HVAC unit is unquestionably working perfectly, and I love my new home! Although, I do admit that I am pleased to be done with the process of getting a new home.

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