We’re happy about this heater

I could not wait for my girlfriend’ birthday.  I had everything planned out just perfectly.  It was a surprise that I just knew she was absolutely going to love.  My plan was to pretend that the two of us were going camping out of the truck like we normally do, however, instead of driving to a campsite I was going to take us to a secluded, luxury lodge.  I had booked the lodge in advance and I even went to the trouble of pre-arranging things and even putting flowers everywhere.  It was the middle of winter but the cabin had a big fireplace plus central heating and cooling. I planned to light the fire for ambiance and run the central gas furnace to really keep the lodge warm.  When the two of us started down an odd dirt road she started asking me questions but I just kept dodging them.  When the two of us finally pulled up, her jaw dropped because it was perfect!  There was snow everywhere and the giant evergreens surrounded the lodge just like a cocoon.  The owner had left the central heating on so it was going to be warm when we arrived.  After the two of us unloaded and went inside the cabin I noticed that the central heat wasn’t on, but oh well.  I went to the controls, turned on the heat, and… nothing.  Ugh! No way.  I walked around the lodge to try turning on lights, the TV, the oven, anything, but nothing came on.  I went from perplexed to angry at that point.  Without central heating, or even electricity in general, this romantic lodge might as well be a big old frigid shack.  Luckily, my girlfriend is an outdoorsy woman. The lack of central heating and electricity ended up by making this birthday even more memorable.

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