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As a realtor, I was handing out a booklet that pertained to what radon gas is, to anyone that was looking at a new house.  I felt that it was my responsibility, as a realtor, to make people aware of the importance of testing.  Normal water and sewage testing, is completed automatically, but a lot of inspectors still failed to do the radon testing.  The radon testing kit is quite similar to the test for mold.  It is a small petri dish that contains particular chemicals that will react to  mold, if that is what you are testing for.  It works for radon as well.  The radon petri dish is typically placed in the basement.  Depending on the size of the basement, it might require several radon kits around.  They are placed where there is minimal air movement.  They should never be close to a door or a window.  It takes some time before the test is then mailed back to a lab for the results.  Once the lab reads the findings, there  is a radon mitigation stage.  There is a length of PVC pipe that draws the gas from the basement and forces it outside via a fan.  It really is a simple process, and most newly constructed buildings already have the radon mitigation plan in place.  If you find mold in your home, it can be more dangerous than the radon, but just the thought of radon is alarming.  If you are buying a home, demand the radon testing to be done prior to making an offer, and make sure you read up on the topic.

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