Utility bills

Honestly, if someone told me the complete cost that one child, not to mention five, would be at the conclusion of childhood, I think I would have reconsidered the whole thing! My kids eat me out of house and home weekly, but as they are getting older and more in command of their own preferences, I’ve found our utility bills fly through the roof! I have never met five differently tempered people in my life! One is usually sweating, another is always shivering. The others can’t figure out what they are, so they just play ping pong with the thermostat routinely. When my last electric bill came this month, it had been so high, I thought my husband was going to burst! He told me that I needed to do something about this really soon. So, I called the HVAC technician out before the regular system and maintenance appointment and check our biggest problems. Short of putting a lock over the thermostat, I didn’t know what he could really do for us. Boy, was I surprised! First off, the most essential thing was installation of this Smart App on my smartphone as well as the thermostat. It was going to now monitor the monthly usage and I could actually turn the HVAC unit hotter or cooler at any point from my phone, in the event the kids have changed the settings while I wasn’t looking. This was going to be really key for saving us money, for everyone has already established free reign over the thermostat while I am not home or paying attention. I can’t wait to find if it works!

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