This water heater works great

I never used to have drainage problems when I had short hair. I then decided that I wanted to grow my hair out and see how long it can get. Right now I have hair down to my waist. My hair looks great but the amount I shed is a problem. I get hair all over my car, my rugs and my furniture. I have to be careful I don’t get hair in the food I prepare either. I have also noticed that my drains have suffered as well, especially the one in the shower. Everyday I have to take the cover off the drain in the shower. I then pull out all the hair I can get with my hands. Sometimes I even take a plumber’s snake and snake down the drain. All of this is to remove soap scum and my massive balls of hair from my pipings. I know that if I am not diligent with drain cleaning, I really could have a problem. If left too long, my hair could result in drain blockage. That means that the dirty shower water will not drain. Also this piece of piping will hinder other plumbing fixtures as well. All the plumbing equipment is connected and directly affects each other. Something as small as a hair ball can make a difference. I so I do my own drain cleaning frequently and I even dump drain cleaner down the pipes every week or so. I also think that I should get on a yearly drain cleaning program with my plumbing business. They certainly can reach further down the pipes than me.

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