This felt like an eternity

I love my husband to death, and I try to support him in everything he does. This is usually easy, because I’m interested in the things he does, and I don’t like to be apart from him. So, cheering him on, wherever he’s performing, is normally a breeze.

However, there is one place where this could be challenging — the location where he often performs his solo pieces. It has no air conditioning. We live in a hot, steamy environment, where the weather is often unbearable. Every moment without it seems like an eternity! You absolutely have to have an air conditioner, and it should be ready to go. Every time he plays this location is hotter than the last. There’s also no ventilation; the air is heavy with humidity. Before the instruments are even set up, we are drenched through our shirts! After sound check, the performance lights make it even hotter! If you’re lucky enough to kneel by the single box fan they have, you have the best seat in the house.

indoor air quality 

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