These women are quite old

The one thing in life that I love more than almost anything is my dog. She is truly my best friend and has accompanied me on many paths in life – the good and the bad. In dog years, she’s definitely a little old lady, my baby Yorkie is defying all odds at the ripe age of nineteen. However, her age has definitely been catching up to her lately. Her hips are more loose, she has a hard time controlling where she uses the bathroom, and her eyesight is starting to fade away. Her contempt for children playing on the yard grows with her age. But she is the best dog and the only change the two of us have had to adapt to is seeing how to make the apartment warmer. We live in a very cold area and I think her age makes it harder for her to put up with the cold weather like she used to, so I quickly found a local HVAC business to send out a technician to make sure the furnace was able to heat our apartment enough for her comfort. If the one thing she needs is more warmth, I am more than happy to provide that for her. The technician was awesome and concluded that everything should run just fine. My furry family member will be warm and comfortable, so I couldn’t be more grateful.

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