These clogs are a real pain

I used to think about my dream home and imagine what the inside will look like. I wanted all hardwood floors, a huge room for my movies and I wanted it to be basically a large glass structure. As I get older I am noticing that my priorities change. I don’t need hardwood floors, I just want good water. I have grown up in a home that has hard water. The water is pumped from an underground well. The water then goes to our hot water tank, heated by the water heater and then it comes out of our fixtures. It sounds like a good idea right? You don’t have to pay for town water and it almost sounds like the water is cleaner. Why wouldn’t water under the ground be clean? It actually is filled with sediment, calcium and lime. The water is horrible to have. All of our home fixtures tend to rust and corrode due to the water. The shower drains are stained. The toilet is a rusted color. Also the water tends to not allow soaps too later. So the soap scum blocks the drainage frequently. No amount of cleaners fix the stains and no water softeners help the drainage. The water is basically toxic. Using bleach causes the fixtures to turn orange. Water softeners are just a waste of money since nothing happens. I hate dealing with this water disaster everyday. So my dream house is going to have good clean water with plumbing fixtures that are not rusted. It is a small thing to ask for in my opinion.


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