Our cooling unit works great

My sister, Emma, just got married! So, she asked me, along with some others, to play songs at the ceremony and reception. I had to come up with my own lyrics and melody, and bring my own equipment, but since she’s my sister, I did this.

Writing and playing this song wasn’t too bad, even though I don’t like crowds. What was awful was that there was no air conditioning at the ceremony. We were packed in this small church for over an hour, and the lack of cooling, along with body heat, made it a sizzling box! I was wearing a suit. Playing guitar and singing while covered in sweat to death was no fun!  I hoped that after suffering through the ceremony, I would be rewarded later, but then we went outside to take pictures, and it was 79 degrees! The suns was sizzling – no shade, and of course, no air conditioning, so again, I sweated buckets, in the sunshine, and lugging our gear to the reception.  

Did the reception site have quality central air conditioning, with air ducts? No! Again, my sister crammed her entire celebration into the smallest room she could find. I could not even drink my overheated sorrows away! Even a fan would have been OK. That day was awful!

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