Managing my fun

My grandma and I travel a lot together; this time in order to see a cousin graduate from college. My cousin had always been like another grandson to my own grandma, so it was important for us to be at the ceremony. It was an extensive drive, and we stayed at a hotel for a few days. The graduation service was scheduled for the Saturday night, and the outdoor temperature was said to be very humid and warm. I was surprised to see on graduation invitation that the service was outdoors, especially as a result of the current weather. The ceremony was being held in a small southern city, and there was a great deal of heat and humidity all year. My grandma and I arrived about thirty minutes before the ceremony was even to start. We wanted to make certain that we would get good seats available to us, so that we could observe everything well. The graduation exercises occurred outside, and we really were bummed not having an HVAC system. We were worrying about the HVAC system to keep everyone cool, a lot of citizens were overheated and miserable. People everywhere around us were complaining concerning exercises being held outside. I was feeling quite warm myself, but I kept thinking about the hotel HVAC system. When the graduation ceremony was completed, we finally would be going back to our hotel. The hotel was set up with a wonderful HVAC system, and we had our thermostat set for 68 degrees. By the time that the final person received their diploma, we were both so anxious about returning to the hotel and it’s perfectly cool HVAC system. We still managed to have a dash of fun.

cooling system 

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