I need a cleaner air conditioner

I’ve never heard a fantastic story that started at a salad bar, but I’ve heard plenty of fantastic stories that started at real bars. I can actually tell you a good story right now. It all happened just last weekend at our preferred evening spot, however they had a live band playing country classics. This happens every Friday evening and they were awful, just like every Friday evening. The place was rather packed, more so than usual, which was great for the owner but not so nice for me. I preferred it when the place was slow, so I would get better service, but on this evening it was a real scorcher out and this place was known to have great AC! Well, normally it did, but on this evening I felt it right away when the air vents stopped providing cool air. It took a few minutes for the bar to start to heat up, but all those bodies packed in there started heating it up abruptly. I was hanging at the bar, which is close to the central A/C unit, so I felt it right away when the Heating as well as A/C component turned off. The band kept playing, but the shutdown of the A/C put a stop to all the dancing straight away. Within a few minutes, the place started to clear out, as people went off in search of better cooling for their Friday night. I spent about an hour being uncomfortably warm, but then the owner came in to check the central A/C equipment. He changed out the filters and had everything working again fairly quickly.

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