I miserable on my trip

I was so excited to be on my honeymoon. I was one of those people who spent my entire childhood dreaming of the day I got married and what my honeymoon was going to be like. When I met my husband, it was as if our fairytale was all coming together jointly. Our wedding was everything I dreamed it would be, with all of my friends and family around us. Then came our honeymoon on Hawaii! We live on the East Coast, so it has been too far and expensive to make this trip before. But, this was an important occasion and my husband was all in with the idea. We figured that he and I had to go all out, since we were going the distance. We decided to rent this little cottage on the beach where it may be private and very relaxed. We knew we were walking straight into tropical weather, but not totally certain of what that meant in terms of temperatures and heat. Well, we learned so fast! It was so much more humid than we ever considered it would be, making the sticky heat and additionally the temperatures unbearable. There were ceiling fans around our house, but no air conditioner. It didn’t occur us to ask for one in the reservation. We heard Hawaii was pretty mellow. We knew we were planning to be miserable for our overall trip if we didn’t obtain a solution to cool all the way down. My husband called the landlord to ask about our options. He told us there is a portable electric box air conditioner within the storage closet, but we would have to pay the extra cooling costs. We decided to just use it at end of day, so we could get a few hours of sleep. It ended up costing us a whole lot of extra money.

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