I just want to have fun

My friends and I have been craving tacos for  several afternoons! This week was our morning off classes, and we all made the choice to go to the store and buy some tacos right then. We chose to go for supper, and there was multiple people on board. We got a table at our local taco establishment, and ordered from their new menu. We got a variety of foods including chimichangas, enchiladas, and a variety of hard and soft tacos. We got a couple of weird sides, while I prefer rice and beans, and sat down to eat our food. The Heating as well as A/C idea was making weird noises as we walked in, but it did not bother us until the air conditioning system stopped finally working completely. It got really hot in the building, and the air vents were no longer blowing frigid air down upon us, just hot air. I walked over to the counter to inquire about the terrible indoor air conditions. The manager at the counter notified the main employer, who came over to talk with us at our table! He apologized over and over for the air conditioning system concerns, and told us that they were finally working on the issue at that very moment. The employer offered us free desserts for the indoor atmosphere concerns. In just a few hours, I could feel frigid air emitting from the air vents once again. Whatever the complication the air conditioning system had been experiencing, it didn’t take really long to repair the issue at the time, thankfully. We all enjoyed our tacos and beans, and spent the next hour hanging out and catching up.  When every one of us were all getting ready to leave the restaurant, the employer walked over to us all and apologized again for the air conditioning system complications.

restano air and heat 

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