I can’t eliminate the problems

I have read a lot of articles recently about how stressful making too many decisions a morning can be for anyone! The article provided the example of simply eliminating how many clothes that you have. Then, pair those items of clothing down into foolproof outfits and cycle through those, rather than stressing over which accessories or shoes to wear with each outfit; While I prefer having an expansive wardrobe and would not dream of depriving myself of the fun of coming up with outfits, the article got myself and others to guess about things that I could eliminate, I was excited. The first thing that I thought of was increasing our thermostat.  I am constantly worrying daily about whether or not I remembered to adjust our thermostat when I leave for work, or whether or not I adjusted our thermostat when I got into bed at the end of the day. I have heard of smart thermostats that you can control with an app on your phone, but I have also heard that smart thermostats can be programmed to automatically adjust based on particular times or even your preferences over time! I guess I am going to do some more research now into these new smart thermostats, however that would be something self-explanatory that I could do to eliminate some decisions. I have heard that smart thermostats also can calculate how much energy you are using, so that you can ensure that you are not spending too much on running your air conditioning system or heating all day long. With that change, I guess that I will legitimately be able to make fewer decisions and be less stressed in our weekly life. Here’s hoping!

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