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As a full time student with a job, I rarely have any free time.  My schedule is packed from about 7am until about 12am. The schedule may seem severe but it is what it is. Because I am at job all afternoon and morning, I take night classes.  One of the perks of taking night classes is that the instructors are much more relaxed than the daytime teachers. Also, the atmosphere of the classroom is much more laid back.  One thing that I honestly do not like about night classes is the a/c. Or should I say, the lack of it. You see, the cooling systems in the building are set to automatically go off around 8:30pm. Unfortunately, our classes sometimes go on until 9:30pm or even later.  Having to learn when the classroom is so stuffy because of no a/c is entirely unpleasant. I am sleepy at the end of the afternoon as it is, and being in the hot classroom makes uncomfortable and drowsy, and the instructor feels the same way.  He has spoken to the campus Heating/Air Conditioning services and has attempted to have the problem resolved but it seems that nothing has been done as of yet.  Even though the we have all complained several times, the a/c still seems to turn off in the building almost every night.  I am not sure what the problem is. It’s possibly something with the thermostat or programming perhaps. The instructor has told the administration to provide another classroom in the meantime. Hopefully, it will have a/c.  I can’t imagine having to sit through another class without a/c.

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