Coming out of high school

Cutting and painting nails is not all everyone’s dream job, per se. However, since early childhood I have consistently wanted to become a nail artist. I found it artistic as well as fashionable – the perfect combo! Or so I thought, at least. Never did I expect to end up happier as an HVAC technician. Straight out of high school I went to cosmetology school to learn how to be a beautician. Then, once I had earned the license, I was hired promptly at the local nail salon. I loved working at the salon, making new friends that were also interested in the same things as me. Talking with clients about their lives was another perk in my opinion, as I am quite a talkative guy. One afternoon at work, I noticed how cold it was getting in the salon. I went to the back of the salon and realized that the furnace had broken down. I took it apart, found the problem, and quickly put it back together. Somehow, it worked like a charm! When our coworkers asked how I knew what to do I explained our thought process and how I had arrived at the solution. They were all legitimately confused. A few months later, the salon closed down. It was heartbreaking. One of our friends knew of an HVAC company that was desperately looking for more workers and recommended that I work there until I could find another nail painting position. I hesitantly agreed but to my surprise, I absolutely loved working as an HVAC worker. Each and every air conditioner, temperature control, and furnace is yet another puzzle I get to solve. Though it has nothing to do with cosmetology, I am glad I have the job that I do today in the HVAC industry.

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