A thriving business

I happen to work in the field of SEO marketing for small businesses. One of my own biggest projects, is helping websites get better ranking in the several search engines. It can be a difficult task at times because most web businesses really don’t know much about social media today. Most business owners have almost no knowledge of internet marketing at the same time, which can be tough every so often. It’s my job to make sure that our clients are found via the internet, and that their websites are always accessible. My last job was working at a website for an AIR CONDITIONING company in town. The owner of the HVAC company was a tad older than my other clients, and he didn’t have much knowledge via the internet at all. The owner with the HVAC company didn’t even contain a smartphone for himself. I spent a few hours looking to explain internet marketing to this HVAC owner, but he barely understood a tiny part of what I was talking about. I needed to help this particular owner, because he was trying to boost his sales. He wanted a thriving business to allow his two sons to run. He was going to be retiring from the AIR CONDITIONING business, and his internet sales were less than average. He seemed genuinely excited about internet marketing, and he hung on every word we spoke. Even if the HEATING AND COOLING owner didn’t understand everything, he was excited to get going when we finished. I finished the website 2 or 3 days ago last week, and it looks awesome. I put a message board up, and helped to add more helpful information on the front page. I do believe the changes will increase his business with the first month.

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