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These women are quite old

The one thing in life that I love more than almost anything is my dog. She is truly my best friend and has accompanied me on many paths in life – the good and the bad. In dog years, she’s definitely a little old lady, my baby Yorkie is defying all odds at the ripe age of nineteen. However, her age has definitely been catching up to her lately. Her hips are more loose, she has a hard time controlling where she uses the bathroom, and her eyesight is starting to fade away. Her contempt for children playing on the yard grows with her age. But she is the best dog and the only change the two of us have had to adapt to is seeing how to make the apartment warmer. We live in a very cold area and I think her age makes it harder for her to put up with the cold weather like she used to, so I quickly found a local HVAC business to send out a technician to make sure the furnace was able to heat our apartment enough for her comfort. If the one thing she needs is more warmth, I am more than happy to provide that for her. The technician was awesome and concluded that everything should run just fine. My furry family member will be warm and comfortable, so I couldn’t be more grateful.

I froze all through the winter

I can’t stand harshly frigid temperatures, I am truly more of what could be called a summertime person. That said, with all the latest modern conveniences I do find a great amount of satisfaction out of chilly, winter days. What I entirely enjoy is sitting by the bay window in the family room as well as seeing the snowfall, preferably while drinking some delicious cocoa. With the only noise in earshot being the low hum of the furnace pumping cozy warm air through the house, I find it peaceful to watch the quiet, winter scene outside. However, where I live, heat is a complete necessity. Because of this, I make sure to have my HVAC supplier visit yearly to perform routine check ups on my heating system to ensure everything is doing what it should. In the summer, it isn’t as big of a concern for me because the summers don’t get too hot here, but in the winter it is my main priority. My choice of technician comes over to clean as well as replace parts after taking everything apart and then once he’s finished, he puts it back together again and goes on his way. This simple appointment leaves me with a peace of mind all winter that my furnace will continue heating my house. And if for some reason it doesn’t, my technician is just a ring away.

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I always pay attention

As a full time student with a job, I rarely have any free time.  My schedule is packed from about 7am until about 12am. The schedule may seem severe but it is what it is. Because I am at job all afternoon and morning, I take night classes.  One of the perks of taking night classes is that the instructors are much more relaxed than the daytime teachers. Also, the atmosphere of the classroom is much more laid back.  One thing that I honestly do not like about night classes is the a/c. Or should I say, the lack of it. You see, the cooling systems in the building are set to automatically go off around 8:30pm. Unfortunately, our classes sometimes go on until 9:30pm or even later.  Having to learn when the classroom is so stuffy because of no a/c is entirely unpleasant. I am sleepy at the end of the afternoon as it is, and being in the hot classroom makes uncomfortable and drowsy, and the instructor feels the same way.  He has spoken to the campus Heating/Air Conditioning services and has attempted to have the problem resolved but it seems that nothing has been done as of yet.  Even though the we have all complained several times, the a/c still seems to turn off in the building almost every night.  I am not sure what the problem is. It’s possibly something with the thermostat or programming perhaps. The instructor has told the administration to provide another classroom in the meantime. Hopefully, it will have a/c.  I can’t imagine having to sit through another class without a/c.

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We’re happy about this heater

I could not wait for my girlfriend’ birthday.  I had everything planned out just perfectly.  It was a surprise that I just knew she was absolutely going to love.  My plan was to pretend that the two of us were going camping out of the truck like we normally do, however, instead of driving to a campsite I was going to take us to a secluded, luxury lodge.  I had booked the lodge in advance and I even went to the trouble of pre-arranging things and even putting flowers everywhere.  It was the middle of winter but the cabin had a big fireplace plus central heating and cooling. I planned to light the fire for ambiance and run the central gas furnace to really keep the lodge warm.  When the two of us started down an odd dirt road she started asking me questions but I just kept dodging them.  When the two of us finally pulled up, her jaw dropped because it was perfect!  There was snow everywhere and the giant evergreens surrounded the lodge just like a cocoon.  The owner had left the central heating on so it was going to be warm when we arrived.  After the two of us unloaded and went inside the cabin I noticed that the central heat wasn’t on, but oh well.  I went to the controls, turned on the heat, and… nothing.  Ugh! No way.  I walked around the lodge to try turning on lights, the TV, the oven, anything, but nothing came on.  I went from perplexed to angry at that point.  Without central heating, or even electricity in general, this romantic lodge might as well be a big old frigid shack.  Luckily, my girlfriend is an outdoorsy woman. The lack of central heating and electricity ended up by making this birthday even more memorable.

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I’m glad the water is on

My partner Nicky & I made a split quick decision and moved across the Earth. Nicky and I decided that him and I hated our location. We did not like the snow, frosty & windchill. Nicky & I wanted sand, surf & to listen to the blue water. So him & I moved, bought a house on the water & Nicky and I appreciate it. Him and I only had a small issue of water in our home. It is weird but being nearby water did not mean the people I was with and I have it in stock. The water is filled with salt which meant Nicky and I could not drink, shower or cook with it. The salt also would have damaged our plumbing fixtures. There was no water source to pump the water to our tepid water tank though. So because Nicky & I rushed the moving in plan, him and I were without flowing water for nearby a week. Nicky & I did water delivery service for awhile. Then him and I did some research online & the two of us found a plumbing contractor that has water filtration systems. The water filter program can clean the ocean water using reverse osmosis. The water from the ocean goes through a filter. The filter will get rid of bacteria, impurities & most pressingly the salt. So using reverse osmosis Nicky and I are able to use that abundant water source. Now my buddy Nicky & I are living the sweet life. We are so glad that the two of us did some research & found a plumbing plan that works well for our home.

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Locating my home

I just lately had to get my septic tank washed out. That is literally the ickiest thing I have ever encountered at all. The septic tank literally makes layers of waste to separate all the material out. The gross layer is the a single that gets pushed down the drain line and out of your tank. There is a film of debris that can’t go into the world. My septic tank had a lot of items in it that did not die out. I realized that my problem was that I was flushing things down my toilets and pipes that could not be pushed down. So the items just remained in the tank and eventually backed up my septic device. The items that I went down the toilet that were no good was tampons, condoms and plastic cotton swabs. Not any of these items degraded. Instead they went down my pipes all the way in the septic tank. I apparently flushed so many of them that the septic tank eventually jammed and stopped up. Then I had to get a plumber to head in to perform septic tank cleaning. It was a disaster, gross and a ton of cash. I absolutely should have been more careful on what I pushed down the toilet. I just assumed that if the material was small, it could flush easily. It never occurred to myself and others to ponder the material that the item was made of. I also did some looking around on the items that I flush, and apparently my tampons could have ruined the sewage grinder also.

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These clogs are a real pain

I used to think about my dream home and imagine what the inside will look like. I wanted all hardwood floors, a huge room for my movies and I wanted it to be basically a large glass structure. As I get older I am noticing that my priorities change. I don’t need hardwood floors, I just want good water. I have grown up in a home that has hard water. The water is pumped from an underground well. The water then goes to our hot water tank, heated by the water heater and then it comes out of our fixtures. It sounds like a good idea right? You don’t have to pay for town water and it almost sounds like the water is cleaner. Why wouldn’t water under the ground be clean? It actually is filled with sediment, calcium and lime. The water is horrible to have. All of our home fixtures tend to rust and corrode due to the water. The shower drains are stained. The toilet is a rusted color. Also the water tends to not allow soaps too later. So the soap scum blocks the drainage frequently. No amount of cleaners fix the stains and no water softeners help the drainage. The water is basically toxic. Using bleach causes the fixtures to turn orange. Water softeners are just a waste of money since nothing happens. I hate dealing with this water disaster everyday. So my dream house is going to have good clean water with plumbing fixtures that are not rusted. It is a small thing to ask for in my opinion.


Radon can be very harmful

As a realtor, I deal with all sorts of issues with location and style of homes.  I make sure to hand out a pamphlet that provides information about radon gas, to anyone who is looking at a new house.  I believe that it my duty, as a realtor, to make people aware of the importance of testing.  Residential water and sewage testing, is typically  done automatically.  Unfortunately, a lot of inspectors still overlook the necessity of  radon testing.  The radon testing kit is simple and inexpensive.  It can be ordered online or purchased from a hardware store.    It includes a small petri dish that contains particular chemicals that will indicate the presence of radon.  The radon petri dish is usually situated in the basement.  Depending on the square footage of the basement, more than one radon kit may be needed.  It is better to  place the test kit where there is little air movement.  Placing the test  near a door or a window should be avoided.  It takes some time and then the test is sent back to the lab.  The results don’t take all that long.  If there is an alarming level of radon, then comes the radon mitigation stage.  Typically this involves  a length of PVC pipe which pulls the gas from the basement.  The gas is pushed outside by a fan.  It absolutely is a simple and inexpensive process.  Currently, most new buildings already have the radon mitigation plan in operation.  If you have radon in your home, it is probably not an insurmountable challenge.  It is a problem that should be addressed without delay.    If you are buying a home, make sure to ask for radon testing to be done.

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We like living in our home

As a realtor, I was handing out a booklet that pertained to what radon gas is, to anyone that was looking at a new house.  I felt that it was my responsibility, as a realtor, to make people aware of the importance of testing.  Normal water and sewage testing, is completed automatically, but a lot of inspectors still failed to do the radon testing.  The radon testing kit is quite similar to the test for mold.  It is a small petri dish that contains particular chemicals that will react to  mold, if that is what you are testing for.  It works for radon as well.  The radon petri dish is typically placed in the basement.  Depending on the size of the basement, it might require several radon kits around.  They are placed where there is minimal air movement.  They should never be close to a door or a window.  It takes some time before the test is then mailed back to a lab for the results.  Once the lab reads the findings, there  is a radon mitigation stage.  There is a length of PVC pipe that draws the gas from the basement and forces it outside via a fan.  It really is a simple process, and most newly constructed buildings already have the radon mitigation plan in place.  If you find mold in your home, it can be more dangerous than the radon, but just the thought of radon is alarming.  If you are buying a home, demand the radon testing to be done prior to making an offer, and make sure you read up on the topic.

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This water heater works great

I never used to have drainage problems when I had short hair. I then decided that I wanted to grow my hair out and see how long it can get. Right now I have hair down to my waist. My hair looks great but the amount I shed is a problem. I get hair all over my car, my rugs and my furniture. I have to be careful I don’t get hair in the food I prepare either. I have also noticed that my drains have suffered as well, especially the one in the shower. Everyday I have to take the cover off the drain in the shower. I then pull out all the hair I can get with my hands. Sometimes I even take a plumber’s snake and snake down the drain. All of this is to remove soap scum and my massive balls of hair from my pipings. I know that if I am not diligent with drain cleaning, I really could have a problem. If left too long, my hair could result in drain blockage. That means that the dirty shower water will not drain. Also this piece of piping will hinder other plumbing fixtures as well. All the plumbing equipment is connected and directly affects each other. Something as small as a hair ball can make a difference. I so I do my own drain cleaning frequently and I even dump drain cleaner down the pipes every week or so. I also think that I should get on a yearly drain cleaning program with my plumbing business. They certainly can reach further down the pipes than me.

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