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Toilet paper issues

You know that silly prank people pull on Halloween? The one where they take rolls of toilet paper and wrap up your house in it? I recently found out that that was a thing when I walked outside the day after Halloween and saw that my house was covered in toilet paper. Imagine my frustration when I had to dig around through toilet paper to get to my newspaper. But that wasn’t even the worst part. Whoever TP’ed my house did a very thorough job and did not forget to wrap the outdoor air conditioning and heating unit. Somehow, the toilet paper got inside and clogged it up. I noticed that it wasn’t working well when I turned the heater on and the house didn’t warm up. No air was coming out of the vents. I checked the air filter, but it was just changed. I called my HVAC repair serviceman, and he came out the very next day. He says that there was enough toilet paper inside my HVAC unit to wrap up a mummy in. He didn’t even charge me for getting it cleaned out. He said the laugh it gave him was payment enough. After he got the toilet paper out of the HVAC unit, the heater worked perfectly. I only wish that cleaning up all of the toilet paper outside my house had been that easy. It took me one full day to pick it all up, stuff it into trash bags, and throw it away.

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I’m getting quite frustrated

I tried to talk my kids out of going trick-or-treating this Halloween, but it was no use. They were adamant. Even though they grew out of it years ago, they still beg to go every October. This year, they decided that they wanted to make their own costumes. It wasn’t hard to find instructions online. The hard part was putting it together. My son, in particular, picked an extra complicated design for his costume. It involved several layers of fabric and padding to give the desired effect. I’ve never thought of myself as a crafty person, and I knew that this would be a particularly stressful day. I turned the thermostat up by a few degrees to make the house colder. As I started working, I felt the house become colder, and very soon afterward warmer. The more I worked on the costume, the hotter I felt. I went and turned the thermostat up another degree. I felt immediate relief when I heard the air conditioner turn on. After a few more steps, the costume was almost finished. My son had not complained once throughout the whole process, but now he said he was feeling hot. The last thing I wanted was for the costume to get sweaty. I quickly raised the thermostat up by two more degrees. Half an hour later, and I was adding the final piece to his costume, I was having a particularly hard time with it and had already started sweating when my husband walked through the door. He looked at me and asked, “Honey, why is the house so cold?” In my frustration, I had not noticed that the house had been cooled to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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