the snowmelt system for the boiler

I live in an area that is called the “snow belt.”  We officially get hit with the first snowfall in late September, and live with a layer of snow on the ground until the end of May.  It is not strange for us to accumulate numerous feet of snow in one evening. My fiance and I will spend hours shoveling the sidewalks and plowing the driveway.  I often had to dig out our front door and mailbox in the afternoon, and then repeat the job in the evening. Several times, our car got stuck in the driveway because of the amount of snow. We finally installed a snowmelt system, and although it was pricey, it’s truly worth it.  A series of pipes is buried under a new layer of stone in the garage, driveway and sidewalks. The pipes are completely concealed, require no repair and fasten to our boiler heater. The boiler sends hot water through the pipes, which effectively melts the snow and ice. The snowmelt system automatically starts up at a particular temperature, and eliminates the need for shoveling and plowing.  We no longer worry about slipping on the ice or issues caused by chemicals. Because the boiler operates so efficiently, the process is not all that overpriced. The boiler also handles the heating for the entire house and supplies our water heating needs. No matter how cold or snowy the weather, our hydronic heating system always meets the demand. It makes residing in this area of the country far easier, more comfortable, less work and less expensive.

hot water boiler

AC was perfect

The way our teenaged kids talk about their video games, it seems almost adore a athletic activity to them these days. Occasionally I watch them play their games, and I can see the challenge in these wild battle royale games. The several shooter games with the sniping and grenades, it’s too crazy! Even the fighter games are interesting with all the martial art style combat. Now suddenly, my kid was telling me that there are tournaments you can actually sign up for at a number of places. There are signup fees for these tournaments but the winners make pretty sizable money. My kid was so good at all these games, so I decided to ask him if he was possibly interested in joining a tournament. His eyes lit up and he said of course he wanted to get involved – we need a new HVAC. So both of us found there was a tournament for this excellent fighting game he liked. When both of us got to the building, I was really quite impressed with the weather conditions control method they must have had. I didn’t even have to ask anybody to adjust the sensitive temperature control because the cooling air from the a/c was really perfect! I truly believe it helped our kid to focus on the tournament as well because the numerous contenders he was up against, he knocked out one by one. When it came to the final contender, however, they were competing for the 1st prize of $15,000. If he lost he would make 2nd place at $5,000.When he won, I couldn’t feel it! I knew we were getting the most high tech HVAC system on the market.

a/c worker

Able to work my a/c

For our son’s most recent birthday, I decided to buy him a drone. I knew that he wanted one of them so badly, after he saw his friends had got some drones. I had to admit, those things were pretty interesting and cool. I used to have a remote control helicopter when I was young. I was thoroughly impressed with the advancement in technology, some of these drones are so technologically advanced, you can program them to fly in certain patterns and things adore that, but I originally  wasn’t trying to get anything overly costly adore that. I ended up getting him this upgraded drone with a cool camera, but he was able to record his flight onto his cell cellphone and after that he could even fly the drone just by looking at the cell cellphone screen since the live streaming camera feed from the drone went straight to the cellphone. It was easily neat. Every one of us were happily at the park for hours just flying that thing, even though it was a humid and warm afternoon. I had a bunch of battery packs that he could really switch out when the magic juice ran out and both of us could charge the dead packs while both of us were using the amazing thing. When both of us were finally beat from the brutal sun, I decided to take him right out for supper. The restaurant both of us went to had the a/c blasting which was cool and so incredibly refreshing. I easily loved the weather conditions control settings on the installed temperature control in that place, because it was so warm outside. Every one of us were able to readily cool down quite fast and both of us were perfectly comfortable when both of us got our respective food. After both of us were done, both of us went out for another round of drone joy-flying before heading back to the comfort of the a/c at our own house.


Use that cell phone for HVAC

Something that drives me ridiculous at times s how our guys are always on their cell phones. I’m always telling them to stop it, put their cell phones away and to be respectful. They used to use their cell phones all the time, even at brunch time just texting away. My fiance and I were able to put a stop to that though, though threats. Of course, it seems they rush through their brunch now just so they can just go off and jump back on their cell phones. Even recently, when our Heating and Air Conditioning plan broke down recently, they were just texting away on their phones. I put on some high powered stationary fans while we were waiting for the Heating and Air Conditioning professional to come over and maintenance our cooling machine, however they just stayed on their cell phones in front of the blowing fans. Even when the Heating and Air Conditioning professional was there dedicatedly fixing our temperature control system, they wouldn’t even get off their damn cell phones to say thanks to the person when the air conditioning was now powered up and working again. I’m thinking that I will have to limit their cell phone use because I see that this is entirely getting out of control. Originally we just wanted them to have their phones in the first place so they could keep in contact with us and we could reach them when they were out with their friends.  Now we can’t get ahold of them even in the same room.

added info

Sharing my HVAC deeds

Since I started doing a lot of varying DIY stuff around our house, I decided to post on our social media account about all the work I was doing. I worked strenuous with our acquaintance to build a nice spare room in our attic space. The two of us tested the framework, insulation, and we even went and connected the air duct to this room. It was a lot of work however you definitely find a way to save a great amount of currency when you do the work yourself; Later on I was showing a little home video of how I cleaned out the outdoor condenser component to our Heating and Air Conditioning plan for the family  in the Spring weeks. People entirely liked the fact that you also could do that on your own as it would cost a lot more to call up the professionals from town for maintenance like that, and of course, I only advise that people do particular tasks at home that they are capable of. There are particular things in the home that I wouldn’t touch without a professional myself, especially when it comes to the Heating and Air Conditioning system, however just for example, if there were a coolant leak in the system, you would have to go ahead and call up the professionals because the coolant needed can only be handled by certified Heating and Air Conditioning workers. They first must find the leak, maintenance it, and then carefully refill the coolant to the required levels. I have had this maintenance done a few times before and they did a great task. Also when it comes to cleaning the air duct and having it resealed, I still would have to advise calling the professionals for this type of maintenance as well. It’s really not that you can’t do this on your own, however if you don’t suppose precisely about what you are doing, you can entirely make things a lot worse. If you ruin the entire air duct, it might have to be replaced and that is upscale.

heating business

Done with the HVAC work

I believe that life is just what we make of it.  No one gives you anything, you have to reach out and work for it.  I spent a lot of years building up a HVAC company. I started from the ground up and learned everything I could.  I never regretted taking this path in my life, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I learned what I could and I kept right on learning.  When I thought I was too old to learn anymore, my wife told me that there was new equipment and new technology and she set me up for classes.  I passed my knowledge of HVAC onto the men that worked for me. I had one young man that was hungry for knowledge. When I decided it was time to retire from being a HVAC tech and HVAC company owner, I offered to sell him the business.  I gave him the same deal I got and that was to pay me for two years and then the business was his. I made my money and I was doing well. I have never looked back at the business. I love what I built and I am glad that I am retired. I know there is an excellent HVAC company out there that I will have do any service I \need for my heating and air conditioning.  I’ll also get all of my servicing and repairs done for free..

HVAC component

Don’t need that big of a/c

I was beginning to notice that I was slowing down.  My wife was no longer with me, and I couldn’t handle this big house all alone.  We had lived here for over thirty years and it wasn’t until she passed that I realized how much I wasn’t doing anymore.  I had to go to the basement to do laundry. I had to go upstairs to go to bathroom and to go to bed. I didn’t like it and I didn’t like living here alone.  I finally decided to sell the house and move. I found a small house that was in an over-fifty community. I liked the house the minute I looked at it. It was all one floor and it had a brand new heating and air conditioning unit.  I was surprised at the cost of the house. I had enough from the sale of my home to buy the house and bank a good bit for my retirement. When summer came on full force, I automatically set my thermostat to sixty-eight, like I did when I lived in the bigger house.  I noticed that it felt really cool. I upped the thermostat to seventy and then to seventy-two. I was comfortable and I was shocked. When the energy bill came, it was so low that I thought they had made a mistake. When the winter came, I had the same thing going on.  I set the thermostat to seventy and then to sixty-eight, and I was comfortable and the energy bill was low. I made a good swap with this house.

ac industry

Big box style of a/c

I used to think that I had to have the biggest and best of everything, just to make me popular.  It’s amazing how I thought that was the case, because it wasn’t how I was brought up. I was brought up by parents who were both humble and always lived within their means.  They tried to give us all that we needed and much of what we wanted, but not at the expense of taking away from the necessities. When I got older, I was always looking for the biggest and the best.  After I graduated college, I got a really good job, and I immediately began looking for a great house. I was thinking about entertaining and finding a wife that would suit the lifestyle I thought I needed.  I never thought about the everyday part of that house. I didn’t realize that bigger and more expensive also included more expensive energy bills. A huge house is very hard to heat and air condition. Heating and air conditioning are not cheap.  I learned that the hard way. I really didn’t have anyone to entertain, so I decided to sell the big house and buy a smaller cabin that was more what I needed. I had two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a lovely view from my front porch. I also had heating and air conditioning that was a fraction of the cost of the house I had just sold.  I may have downsized, but it was the best move I ever made. I downsized the size and not the quality.

air conditioner dealer

Nightmare with the heater

As a young person, I would have the most alarming dreams.  I would wake up screaming and crying. When mom would ask me what was wrong, I couldn’t tell her.  It was sometimes too frightening to talk about, but most of the time I couldn’t remember. I know that I found myself outside a couple of times.  My dad also walked me to bed several times, when he found me with the baseball bat and my cap on, heading outside to play ball. After talking to the doctor, we found out that it was normal when a child was growing, but as long as it didn’t become a big problem, I would outgrow it.  Now that I am older, I still find that I have these wildly vivid dreams. I try to do everything I can to make sure my environment is conducive to sleeping well. I have a good HVAC system in my house, and I installed a Smart Thermostat. If there is a problem with my HVAC system, the Smart Thermostat will alert me.  I keep the remote for the thermostat right by the bed. If I feel the air conditioning is too low, or the heating is too high, I can adjust it without getting out of bed. Last month, I had forgotten to turn down the thermostat. My furnace was running and the temperature had reached seventy-three. I awoke to feeling like I was caught in the middle of a fire.  That’s when I bought the Smart Thermostat. I don’t want to relive that dream for a very, very long time.


Upping the heat more and more

I know it sounds a bit weird to most people, but I prefer snuggling with my dog than with anyone else.  My wife doesn’t understand it, but what can I say. I have had her for almost fifteen years now. She goes with me on my morning jogs.  She gets really cold now, and she shivers. That’s when I know it is time to go back into the house. I turn up the thermostat to help her get warm, when we get into the house.  She will lay on the air vent until she sees me curl up in my recliner. Then she drags the blanket off the couch and snuggles up next to me. We huddle under the blanket and we snuggle until we both quit shivering, or until we wake up, which is usually what happens.  I love my dog. She snuggles so nicely, and she is better than turning the furnace up. It costs a lot less to snuggle, than to run the furnace. She always managing to help me get warm and I get her warm. My wife gets upset when she sees us snuggling. She told me that I prefer the dog to her.  I hate to admit it, but as far as getting some body heat, I get more from my dog than from her. She is more cold blooded than my dog and I. With my wife, I turn up the thermostat and I snuggle. I am sweating to death and she is just getting warm. That’s not saving energy. Maybe she needs to snuggle with the dog.